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The series Mourning For A Dream is a work in progress which takes the concept on which An Impure Limbic Screenplay was based upon a step further.


The attempt of the artist to visualise frames extracted from what already was indeed "An Impure Limbic Screenplay" conceptually coincides with the definitive "coup-de-grâce" to the dream itself, regardless of the medium used.


The technical, aesthetic, and compositive decisions, clearly made with a strong contribution of the rational mind, constitute in fact other inevitable layers of impurity which separate more and more dramatically the resulting images from what was originally the essence of the dream as a raw product of the artist's subconscious, which effectively ceases to exist.


The following image ("INT. NIGHT - PLAYING ROOM") measures 163cm x 110cm, it is printed on plexiglass, and mounted as a lightbox.

New web-23.jpg
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