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Impressions I & II

The two series Impressions I & II are the result of an experimental project carried out while researching the concepts of vision (as a merely chemical/physiological/electrical process), perception (which entails the subjective interpretation of the human psyche), and visual memory of a cinematographic product.

They are one-layer, single long exposures taken from different feature films.

The output images of this delicate procedure remind of colour block paintings, as if they were the result of layered soft and long brush strokes of paint on canvas.

However, at a more attentive examination, they reveal a plethora of latent images which come alive depending on different variables such as the point of view and viewing distance of the audience, how external light sources reflect on the pearl surface of the print, and the familiarity that the viewer has with the feature film used as a subject.

The eight non-representational photographs are the outcome of a “visual synthesis” performed through the medium that best imitates our sense of sight: photography.

However, it is interesting to notice how photography cannot emulate the “perception” side of the process of visual elaboration of a film, which human beings perform through their differently wired brain and psyche, making their “personal synthesis” of a film subjective, arbitrary and extremely varied.

The photographs, sized 24”x36”, are printed on pearl glossy paper, in order to accentuate the perceptive depth and the way dominant/recessive colours and lights/shadows play a role in each shot.

The photos were exhibited in occasion of the Interim Show of UAL Central Saint Martins "You're the reason our kids are ugly", 27-29 March 2015

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